Outdoor Comfort

The Outdoor Comfort tab shows an overview of the perceived environmental condition based on the UTCI model.

The Universal Thermal Climate Index (UTCI), introduced in 1994, aims to be the measure of human physiological reaction to the atmospheric environment.

It considers:

  • dry bulb temperature

  • mean radiant temperature

  • wind speed

  • relative humidity

to calculate a reference environmental temperature causing strain when compared to an individual's response to the real environment. It is based on Fiala et al.'s multi-node model of thermo-regulation.

The UTCI equivalent temperature is a function of the above parameters, which are combined in a multinode thermo-physiological model that takes into account clothing insulation and metabolic rate. From this aUniversal Thermal Climate Index (UTCI) of perceived thermal stress is derived.

Clima allows the user to visualize the annual UTCI equivalent temperature as heatmap under various environmental conditions.

The UTCI temperature can be converted in a scale assessing thermal stress, displayed by Clima in a heatmap graph.

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