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The CBE Thermal Comfort Tool is a free online tool for thermal comfort calculations and visualizations that implements thermal comfort calculations from standards (ASHRAE 55–2023, ISO 7730:2005 and EN 16798–1:2022).

It incorporates the major thermal comfort models, including the ASHRAE and ISO Predicted Mean Vote (PMV), Standard Effective Temperature (SET), adaptive models, local discomfort models, SolarCal, and dynamic predictive clothing insulation. Our tool also provides dynamic and interactive visualizations of the thermally comfortable conditions depending on the models.

In addition, the CBE Thermal Comfort Tool allows users to upload time-series or large sets of input parameters and it automatically calculates PMV, PPD, SET, and CE. This may allow users to perform exceedance predictions (e.g. annual or seasonal) for simulated or real buildings.

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The CBE Thermal Comfort Tool has several practical applications and each year is used by more than 49,000 users worldwide, including engineers, architects, researchers, educators, facility managers and policymakers.

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Tartarini, F., Schiavon, S., Cheung, T., Hoyt, T., 2020. CBE Thermal Comfort Tool : online tool for thermal comfort calculations and visualizations. SoftwareX 12, 100563. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.softx.2020.100563

The tool is developed by the University of California at Berkeley.

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